Taking Flight is my debut fabric collection featuring 2 iconic Australian birds - the magpie and the cockatoo. It’s no secret I love illustrating birds, so it's no surprise that my first licensed collection is all about them! There are 9 coordinating prints with birds and flowers that will dance and sing into your sewing project with so much delight!


Magpies are such musical and mystical creatures who really do sing for their supper, and cockatoos really do have the most cheeky personalities of all the birds in my garden. They visit me daily and I have a sweet spot for both of them.

The cockatoo in my print was quite a character who very boldly and unexpectedly made his way into my collection. I was at my son's school waiting outside the art room to start prepping for the day's lessons (parent helper in art class). And there he was – sitting on the roof at first, and then he flew right down in front of me to start pecking at tasty bread scraps the children had left from recess. It was providence, and I quickly grabbed my phone and took photos of him from all angles, as I knew he was going to be perfect in my collection. He was very funny and cheeky and I hope I have captured his charming spirit in my prints.

This collection also features vibrant Australian flowers; purple and yellow nodding lily flowers, blue china orchids and red Lechenaultia. I made sure to include softer shades of mushroom which make it a very versatile collection, for more subtle prints for home decor and baby and children’s products.

magpie dress by Wombat & Poss

magpie dress by Wombat & Poss


The Taking flight blog tour took place on March 14-29th 2018. We had an amazing time with beautiful sewing projects from Aussie handmade businesses and makers, as well as form across the world! You can read the fabric blog tour wrap-up here

The Quilt below is a stunning little sampler quilt made by Tirzah at Kennard and Kennard for Australian Quilt Market just passed. Gosh I had fun launching the Taking Flight fabrics at Australian Quilt Market, and the support was so overwhelmingly wonderful from the fabric and quilting industry. I felt honoured and very spesh!

quilt australian birds magpie cockatoo

Little purse by @coleandtaffy

To enquire about purchasing any of these fabrics for wholesale or retail please contact K&K on 1800 641 901 (Australia) or +61 2 6382 6290 (international), or email them at enquiries@kkfabrics.com.au.

Please also share your sewing adventures with the fabrics by using the hashtags #amandabrandl and #takingflightfabric so I can follow and re-post and share your projects. I can’t wait to see what you make with the fabrics.